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How To Get Started With Email Marketing

Broadly speaking, email marketing is every email that you send to a potential or current customer. Email marketing is not going away, and in this post, we will discuss best practices for sending emails to your audience with a useful bunch of email marketing tips…. read more

Benefits of B2B Social Media Marketing

For a long time, social media marketing was reserved for B2C companies to create friendly personas for their brands to humor customers and was deemed too impersonal for B2B companies with no real added benefits. This simply isn’t the case anymore. Each day, more and… read more

Top Lightweight CRMs For Small Businesses

Customer relationship management software (CRM) is integral to customer service and sales teams. It is an excellent resource for managing leads, visualizing sales, and simplifying deal processes all on one interface, ensuring customer data is efficiently used to drive sales. However, for small businesses and… read more

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