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How to Select a Competitive Data Provider for Price Optimization

Whether you’re a retailer of a brick & mortar, an online, or a mixed store, for almost every retailer qualitative competitive data is like gravity. It’s the fundamental force for actionable analysis and KPIs outperforming. Moreover, despite the growth of hyper-personalization trends which require even… read more

Using the Power of Visualization in eLearning

eLearning is an amazing platform to improve the training methods of an organization, school, or institution. It allows employees or students to absorb the complex concepts and information easily and quickly. The advantages of eLearning are tied up with software solutions that offer the power… read more

Top Startup Locations for Cloud and Software [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all know that location is important when buying a house – the mantra “location, location, location” is known to basically everyone, but how important is location when starting a cloud service or software business? To understand this question Crozdesk’s research team crunched some serious… read more

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