We all know that startups are short on staff. The startups that succeed are often the ones who find the most efficient and effective SaaS tools to help grow their business and replace the hundreds of staff members they can’t afford to hire.

Fortunately, for the small business team, there’s a great array of web-based SaaS tools designed to help overcome the most common hurdles startups face: restricted time frames, minimal manpower, and strict budgets.

Crozdesk has hunted down it’s top 10 tools for your lean, mean, web-startup machine.

Albacross (Lead Generation SaaS Tool)

Albacross is the world’s first free B2B Lead Generation Network. The service is 100% free and will determine exactly which prospects and companies are visiting your site. Even better, Albacross takes care of collecting contact information and other data of your website visitors. For instance, those who landed on your page but didn’t contact you or even fill out your contact form. Thus, the tool enables you to turn website visitors into leads and to get extra information on companies interested in your business such as the pages they visit, their chief decision makers and the ways of contacting them.

It is a very effective lead generation tool that would fit just fine for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Wave (Cloud Accounting SaaS)

You’ve probably all heard of Quickbooks Pro, but what if there was a similar app that was absolutely free? Meet Wave, the cloud-based accounting software that creates an all-in-one solution for small business accounting. Keep invoices, track expenses, view reports, and more. Wave does have its limits, of course. Wave can’t track timesheets or provide some of the more advanced features you’d get in a paid app, but for those starting up, it’s a great piece of accounting software and a strong competitor to Quickbooks.

Slack (Internal Communication SaaS tool)

The app that’s out to kill email, Slack is an internal communication app that looks good, feels good and allows you to bring together multiple conversations into one place. You’ll never miss anything important ever again! Host group discussions, transfer files and search through conversation archives in seconds. Slack will save your team tons of time by being able to communicate with ease! This app is especially valuable for startups with teams wishing to communicate from multiple locations.

GitHub (Collaborative Coding SaaS tool)

GitHub is an absolutely essential tool for software startups. Version control, branching and merging with this clever tool have made collaborative coding easier than ever. While Github is best suited for development teams, it can also be used for working on word processing documents, spreadsheets and more. You’ll never lose any data from a frustrating overwrite again, and no matter what your team’s background is, once you get past the daunting vocabulary and you understand its inner workings, you’ll love it. We do!

Toggl (Productivity SaaS tool)

If you’re like us here at Crozdesk, you’re probably continually wondering where all your time goes. Toggl is an online tracking tool designed for freelancers, consultants and small businesses who want to track the time they spend on projects and with their clients. Quickly type what you’re doing, start the timer and tag your task to see how efficiently you’re performing. Toggl is all about optimizing your time, something even the most well-endowed startup teams should praise and worship.

MixPanel (Data Analytics SaaS tool)

MixPanel is arguably the best analytics tool for individuals wanting to follow their customers through multiple events in real-time. The funnels are detailed and easy-to-read, but simple enough to show and explain to those not as familiar with analytics tools (perfect for interns!). If your startup’s spending money on digital ads, MixPanel’s funnels, combined with their revenue feature are the best way to guarantee you maximize your ROI.

Unbounce (A/B Testing SaaS tool)

Give your growth and marketing team full control of their campaigns without the need to coordinate with coders and engineers. Unbounce allows marketers to build high-converting landing pages in a matter of hours. Create beautiful pages without HTML, run A/B tests, and measure campaign performance with real-time marketing metrics. You can sign up for a 30-day risk-free trial which makes it great for those on a limited budget.

Buffer (Social Media Marketing SaaS tool)

Social media should be at the heart of most marketing strategies, regardless of business size. Buffer is one of the cleanest, cheapest and most user-friendly social media tools on the market. It greatly simplifies sharing and message scheduling, giving you more time to work on the brilliant content you’ll create. Although its functionality is limited compared with rival tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer is simple, fast and efficient. You can get a lot of the app’s functionality without losing a dime – always a plus.

Moz Analytics (SEO SaaS tool)

The restricted funding of small businesses mean that they stand to benefit more from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than bigger businesses who can afford Pay-Per-Click ads and other forms of advertising. With this in mind, taking advice from one of the most trusted sources for SEO and digital marketing seems like a pretty good idea. Moz can track the performance of keywords and help optimize your site to get the most from organic search marketing. Many of the Moz-tools are free too!

MailChimp (Newsletter SaaS tool)

Using newsletters to stay in touch and keep your website visitors informed is important for every online business. MailChimp is the perfect online solution offering ready-made or custom look newsletter templates for your business. Start off with a free account and as your website subscriber base grows (2000+), upgrade to a paid account. We highly recommend this one.


These are just a few of our favorite SaaS tools for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your web-startup. Make sure to check out Crozdesk.com for a myriad of additional SaaS tools to help make your business more efficient!!



  1. Thank you for the post Chris, there are a few tools in this mix that I hadn’t tried yet, but plan to over the next few weeks. Keep these post coming! Maybe the next 10 must-haves 🙂

  2. Hi Diego, thanks for your comments ( way back when! ) – and do keep an eye out on the blog, as we’ve got something special coming! ( oh much more than just the 10 next must-haves 😉 )

  3. Great list! I would also add that web startups MUST have a great support center – both to help them get new customers as well as keep their current customers happy.

    HelpSite.io is a free tool to create awesome support centers, if you don’t want to use a more expensive and cumbersome tool like Zendesk.

  4. Great list! We are already using some of these tools like Mailchimp for newsletter, Hootsuite for social media marketing. I’ve heard about Moz analytic tool but we use google analytics for tracking the keyword performance as it is free. For productivity, we use proofhub; project management tool. It has native chat, time tracking, task management, gantt, reports and many more features. So, proofhub alone meets the requirements of Slack, toggl etc.

  5. Nice list. I tried some tools that mention on your blog, but my currently using tool not available in the list. I recently applied Apptivo for my current project management. It helps to easily manage projects without facing any difficulties. I would like to say, easily access this tool and adapts to small startup.

  6. Thanks for the hints! I’ve tried Buffer and I’m absolutely loving it. Also I’d like to suggest a tool for customer support – Deskun. This service works inside Gmail and allows to work with different mailboxes. It’s worth trying!

  7. Thanks for sharing the list. I found team collaboration tools missing. They are usually cloud based. For example, TaskQue. TaskQue is a task management tool which helps in better team collaboration.

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