I love apps as much as anybody, so whenever I discover new awesome ones I love to share them with the world. Today we’ll be taking a quick look at five super effective apps that I use for interface design. They range from free to paid solutions, be sure to check them all out!


This is a permanent mainstay in my toolkit, UXPin is made for designers by designers. It’s a super powerful tool for wire framing and prototyping; flexible enough to handle sitemaps and flowcharts. The super easy commenting system makes it great for teamwork. You can sign up for a free trial otherwise the basic account starts at just $15 per month.


CodePen is an HTML, CSS and JavaScript code editor for your web browser. It lest you instantly preview the code you write in realtime and is a great new playground for developing that new code. By displaying the real time preview of your code changes – bug fixing and testing new designs can be done in realtime and super easily.

Perfect Pixel

Now this is pretty sweet, Perfect Pixel is a browser plugin that applies a semi-transparent image overlay over the top of any website. This allows for a cool pixel-by-pixel comparison between the original design. With a really nice minimalist interface, separate overlay options for each website, and no restrictions with your image size – this awesome open source tool is constantly being updated. Oh and it’s free too!


Sketch is an increasingly popular app that lets you make beautiful wireframe models really fast. You can easily adapt it across a range of devices and screen resolutions, making Sketch a real mainstay for mobile app and UX designers by the easy to use tools to align and measure frames.

A Whiteboard and Marker

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic. Grab your team together, pack yourself into that meeting room, pick a marker colour and start designing up on the whiteboard. Why struggle by yourself when you and your coworkers can come up with a solution to your problems together?


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