It doesn’t matter how good your business idea is, growing a startup isn’t easy. The image that often comes to mind is the Greek mythological king of Ephyra, Sisyphus, who was compelled by Zeus to roll an immense boulder up a never ending hill. Brutal, right?

At times, I think we can all feel a little like Sisyphus, but fortunately, while Sisyphus was forced to face his laborious task alone, the same is not true for us. In the growth hacking field, there are dozens of experts who are happy to share their learnings and rally by our sides to make it a whole lot easier to push our boulders up the hill. Phew!


The Best Growth Hacking Newsletters:


This blog post provides an overview of what I perceive to be the best growth hacking newsletters that allow marketers like us to get instant access to the best growth hacks, from the world’s best growth hackers, right inside our inboxes.

Imagine this: You open up your emails, and right before you sits a dozen of the best new growth hacking articles offering you instant access to new ideas and techniques to boost your startup’s growth. Sound’s good, right? Well, thanks to the rise of high-quality, curated growth hacking newsletters, you’re moments away from turning this dream into a reality.

Please note, the growth hacking newsletters to follow are just a few of MY favorite growth hacking newsletters. I’d love to hear about yours! I’m always interested in checking out new ones and expanding to this list.

Okay, here we go:


1. Morgan Brown:


Everything Morgan knows about startup traction — N.B That’s ALOT — delivered daily to inspire and drive your business. Morgan is the co-founder of Full Stack Marketing, a growth-oriented marketing firm dedicated to early stage companies. He also works as the Head of Growth at TrueVault and Qualaroo, and is part of the Growth Hackers team over at N.B. Morgan’s growth hacking strategies are nearly as fresh as his glasses! Have you seen those things?!


2. Startup Foundation:


Startup Foundation is a weekly publication filled with great content for founders, as curated by founders. Some of the best growth hacking articles I’ve read have come from this newsletter, including this one; check it out: Startupfoundation gives you access to the kind of content that’ll have new ideas bouncing off your office walls every time it gets an open.


 3. Growth Bakery:


The finest brain food for startup growth, Growth Bakery does everything it says on the label — isn’t that nice for a change? Sign up to receive a weekly curation of the best resources to hack your startup growth. Expect everything from email hacks, to social media hacks, to productivity hacks — and good ones too. Growth Bakery is a French growth hacking newsletter but 95% of the articles are shared in English.


4. Swipe File:


The weekly marketing newsletter that gives you interesting marketing links about not-so-obvious things. Some weeks you might get one article, another week you might get ten. The beauty of Swipefile is that the quality of the content is valued above all else. Swipefile is curated by Jimmy Daly, the marketing lead at Vero. I love it. Go Jimmy!


5. Hiten Shah:


If you’re interested in SaaS, this newsletter is for you. Hiten Shah, co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg knows his @$%& when it comes to growing startups. I find his curated list of SaaS related growth hacking and marketing articles to be invaluable for my job at Crozdesk. Hiten curates SaaS growth hacking articles while I curate SaaS growth hacking tools. It’s a match made in heaven. Pretty much everyone feels that way though. He has a lot of matches, can’t speak for his Tinder profile though!


6. Justin Mares:


Justin Mares’s Programming For Marketers is a free 14-day email course that helps individuals become ‘technical marketers’ and enhance their growth hacking skills with technical know-how. Justin Mares is the co-author of Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers and the ex-head of Growth at Exceptional Software. Justin’s Programming For Marketers newsletter can increase your value as a marketer by building your technical capabilities and removing the need for you to wait on developers! Grrrrrreaat!


7. Grow:


A weekly curation of the best customer acquisition and retention links brought to you by, the largest online community of acquisition-oriented marketing professionals. You can join me and more than 3,000 other growth hackers for some of the most useful links in the industry. Smashing!


BONUS TIP. Roll All Your Subscriptions Into A Single Email!


If you’re interested in subscribing to a few of these growth hacking newsletters — or simply want to clean up your inbox (who doesn’t?) — you can blend all your subscriptions into a single email with is a free service that allows you to ‘roll’ all your newsletters into one single daily digest. Hurrah!


ONE LAST THING: Which Growth Hacking Newsletters Are Your Favorites?


Just before you go, I want to know which of these growth hacking newsletters are your favorites? Which do you subscribe to and why? Are there any I’ve missed?

Also, if you’re interested in finding a curated list of the best growth hacking tools, click here.

Thanks for reading!



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