email marketing setup

    How To Get Started With Email Marketing

    Broadly speaking, email marketing is every email that you send to a potential or current customer. Email marketing is not going away, and in this post, we will discuss best practices for sending emails to your audience with a useful bunch of email marketing tips…. read more

    crm emotional bonding

    Using CRM to Foster an Emotional Bond With Your Customers

    Every entrepreneur wants to scale their business by automating as many tasks as possible while also giving each customer that magical personal touch throughout their buying journey to create a memorable brand experience. Inspiring an emotional connection with consumers, B2B or B2C, has always been… read more

    top social media software ranking 2017

    Social Media Software Ranking 2017

    Top 20 Social Media Software in 2017 Social media is everywhere. With its meteoric rise, it has become increasingly important for businesses to utilize the instantaneous and global reach of social media. From increasing brand recognition to improved customer service, meaningful engagement, retention, transparency and… read more

    top accounting software 2017

    Accounting Software Ranking 2017

    The winners of the Accounting Software 2017 Top 10 ranking Besides the market leader, Quickbooks Online, with a score of 68%, we have nine challengers that have risen in ranks due to their unique approaches to accounting software design. The accounting software-as-a-service space is evolving with various… read more

    Instagram uploads from computer

    How To Upload to Instagram Directly From Your Computer

    At the time of publication, this handy Instagram hack is being used by social media teams, photojournalists and photographers to save time. It allows users to skip transferring files from their computers to their mobile devices in order to post to Instagram, but it doesn’t… read more

    accept all suggestions google docs

    Accept All Suggestions on Google Docs With One Click

    EDIT: GoogleDocs has introduced an Accept all suggestions feature now, so this hack is no longer necessary. You can find this under Tools > Review suggested edits > Accept all. Google Docs is an excellent tool for collaborative word processing and perhaps the most commonly… read more

    MailChimp email marketing alternatives

    Mailchimp Alternatives for SMBs

    Every business needs to grow. The benefit of using email for marketing is direct communication with your target audience which doesn’t go away easily with a scroll like a Google, Facebook or Twitter advertisement. Most people prefer zero unread emails in their mailbox. Also, email… read more

    social analytics software

    Not All Analytics Tools Are Created Equal

    Most of us are already familiar with top social media software. Earlier this month, we published a comprehensive guide to social media management software. We also looked at how you can use a combination of SaaS to grow your Twitter audience. Then we looked at… read more

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