How to Select a Competitive Data Provider for Price Optimization

Whether you’re a retailer of a brick & mortar, an online, or a mixed store, for almost every retailer qualitative competitive data is like gravity. It’s the fundamental force for actionable analysis and KPIs outperforming. Moreover, despite the growth of hyper-personalization trends which require even… read more

Tapping into SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

Born To Be Cloud The benefits of cloud services are limitless. Companies of all shapes and sizes, B2B and B2C, from small startups to huge businesses, are utilizing the cloud to increase their efficiency, flexibility and competitiveness. Here is an introduction to cloud for those… read more

E-commerce Solutions: The Curated List of Online Software

Discover our curated list of the best and more trusted e-commerce solutions to build marketplaces suited to your needs and to start selling online in a few minutes! All the applications below share these characteristics: -Target: Companies looking to sell products online -Use: Building e-commerce… read more

10 Must-Have SaaS Tools For Your Web-Startup!

We all know that startups are short on staff. The startups that succeed are often the ones who find the most efficient and effective SaaS tools to help grow their business and replace the hundreds of staff members they can’t afford to hire. Fortunately, for… read more

Are These 4 Conversion Killers Hurting Your Online Store?

So you have your brand new site set up with a beautiful store attached. You tell your friends and your customers and everyone is excited and visits to check it out. But for some reason, even though you’re getting lots of visitors they’re not turning… read more

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