What is Other Software?

As the name suggests, this category of software includes all applications that don’t quite fit any other category. It includes software that helps businesses navigate varied problems like editing specialised documents, or managing team-related issues – in cases where this isn’t already covered by other categories.

Other Software on Crozdesk

Top 25 SaaS and Cloud Startup Ecosystems

The following is an excerpt of findings from the SaaS and Cloud Startup Report 2018 published by Crozdesk. The Crozdesk team analyzed some 20k SaaS, software and cloud companies operating in 2017 to determine the size, funding and relative growth speed of startups and established… read more

The Importance of Getting Software Reviews

You may have great software, but it doesn’t mean much if nobody knows about it. One of the best ways of getting the good word out without having to empty your wallet on traditional marketing is software reviews. Software reviews offer a unique avenue of… read more

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