We prepared you a web application list to keep on eye on. They are not big for now but they have all the potential to the next big thing everyone will be talking about in the near future!


Target: Bloggers, Influencers, Startups

Use: Newsletters, Customer support, Emailing, Tracking reports

circupress dashboard

Perfect for bloggers and people who have their own websites. Create emails on demand or send them automatically in scheduled digests. Need a newsletter? Install the CircuPress plugin, add a subscribe form via widget and you can start using the app!
CircuPress will only send your newsletter when you have new content and decide to send it out. Because we send the email through our servers, you get maximum deliverability, click-through tracking, and full subscriber management.


Target: Employees, Job seekers

Use: Creating resume, online CV


Looking for a job? Editing and updating your resume can be painful and time-consuming. Especially when you try to design it and make it original. Kickresume helps you to stand out without spending endless hours on the design. Choose a template and fill out your resume within minutes. Store it online for free, and download it as much as you need in different format, it is as simple as that.


Target: Companies, SMes, Startups, Developers, It team

Use: Task management, Team collaboration


Manage advanced task flow with no need of programming. Drag-and-drop tasks into a flow, set their properties and conditions to control its flow and then run the taskflows. Get our team on board top easily collaborate and get notifications. Design-as-you-go, because processes and needs can evolve, you can extend and modify taskflows as you go.


Target: SMes, Startups, Web Agencies, Freelancers, Front-End Devs, Travel Agencies, Photographers

Use: Saving, classifying and sharing pictures and images


Uploading, finding, managing, and sharing images stops being time consuming with Snap Cloud. Organize your images easily with tags, create galleries, find the image you were looking for in a few seconds. Extract images from the web directly with their browser extension. Forget about emails with dropbox links, folders or Wetransfer downloads.


Target: Companies, SMes, Startups

Use: Market analysis, Benchmarking, Information, Prospection, Online research


Unomy is a complete tool for your online research. Instead of spending hours in endless searches to get a full set of data and information about a company, Unomy crawls the web and does the job for you. Get relevant insight and information about companies and their employees such as:

Company Profiles, Employees, Contacts, Jobs, Salaries, Traffic Insights, Technologies, Social Profiles, Cases, Patents, Trademarks, Reports, Credit Scores, and other key data.


Target: Companies, SMes, Startups

Use: Customer support, Emailing, Tracking reports, Task management, Team collaboration


Keeping integrates as a gmail extension. It aims to help your team collaborate and save time while helping you deliver better customer support.

No need to use a traditional help desk. Instead add customer support functionalities directly to your mailbox.

It also allows you to distribute tasks and responsibilities among teams, automate answers to recurrent customer questions and generate reports to see how your employees assist your customers.


Target: SMes, Startups, Teams, Journalists, Bloggers, Content managers

Use: Sourcing, Document sharing, Content management

pith.li-screenshot-1Have you experienced that feeling when you’re doing research that the relevant content was only one paragraph among a 10 pages report? Pith is literally the online yellow marker. You can easily highlight the content you think is the more relevant, save it with relevant tags or a category and share it easily without wasting time of copy pasting the text, bookmarking the page, or referencing the page source. Pith does it for you!


Target: Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés, Bars

Use: Advertising, Promotion, Reviews, Content generation


When you are a business, there are so many ways to be found by your customers. And with more and more people online and connected everywhere building an online presence to be easily found online is a must. Mypresences allows you to do that, but also discovers what’s being said about your business, on what channel, website or app. It’s also a great way to know what works for you, get customer insights to improve and discover the channel you should focus on to increase your customers.


Target: Startups, Agencies

Use: Task management, Monitoring, File sharing, Work distribution


HiveFlux is a web-based project management app that makes it easy for teams to see what everyone’s working on. HiveFlux stresses a ‘people focused’ approach to project management.

It allows its users to share tasks that they’re working on in real-time so that everyone can see what the other team members are doing. This helps teams to better manage their workloads and spend more time doing rather than waiting. HiveFlux also offers a range of other features including: file management, conversation tools, a central calendar and time-tracking.


For more web application have a look on Crozdesk where you can search, read reviews, access ratings and to more insights!


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