As a lean, mean, startup machine – Crozdesk definitely lives its life in an agile way.

We’re talking cutting waste, building-measuring-learning, making the MVP and deploying early and often. This doesn’t always mean software pushes, though! Crozdesk went through their very own physical MVP!

We deployed ourselves straight into a large space in Central London – and we very quickly measured and learned of the cost! Not only was it expensive, and not overly flexible, but it brought very little added value – especially for a startup that has ambitious expansion plans!

With a large emphasis placed on software and user testing, we would suggest that the entire lean philosophy can be applied across the board; projects, people – and places!

We Moved

We iterated and shifted into hi-tech silicon roundabout – a perfect home for a review and listing platform for tech and business apps!

Enter The Shoreditch Arch! Right next to the famous nightclub Cargo – and the (even more famous) Banksy murals, of which there are two!

It’s a collective of startups and established businesses, consultants and freelances – all beneath the arches of the overground running overhead … (it’s surprisingly quiet!).


Crozdesk Outside Space
The Entrance


Banksy Mural
Our Very Own Banksy Mural


Banksy is known for his anti-establishment leanings leading to the rise in street art – this youthful, urban style has disseminated into startup culture – especially in Shoreditch! It’s not uncommon to see street art on every corner, and the colour & vibrancy is one of the main draws of the area!


Street Art
Another Example – Near the Office


Cargo Space
The Cargo Space

We’re at the Center

We heard about this exclusive space through the grapevine – being in the center of this ecosystem definitely paid off – as this word of mouth lead us to an amazing space, one we’re excited to share with you!

It’s cool, trendy – and full of great startups every bit as ambitious as we are! All of these whizzing around at lightspeed – in, and amongst, each other!


Second Banksy Mural
Our Second Banksy


The space is not just cooler and more artistic – it offers a lot more room, as well as flexibility and resources, for our growing team!

From PR companies and agents, video production, events, media and tech companies – to Cargo as we mentioned before! The people here not only share a common space, but their uncommon knowledge and expertise! They’re all here – located in the heart of Shoreditch with the best travel links for tube, bike, bus, overground, available!

Game of Pool, anyone?


Common Room
The Meeting Room

We’re Growing!

Hey, we even have our very own barista-style espresso machine – pumping out the inspiration to our team, 24/7! This is no longer just an MVP! Speaking of which…


Meet The Team
Meet (A Few Of) The Team!


Crozdesk Office
A Quiet Office? Must be a Sunday!


The long and short being that within this space and ecosystem, we are exposed to a huge-variety of different people, ideas, startups and opportunities – we’ve already been (video) interviewed by the newest Startup Magazine out there AND the resident silicon press (“Tech City Startup Launches Web App Discovery Toolkit“), and featured in many more such as on Keeping (“Keeping Featured in the SaaS Army Knife“) and Crowdfire (“How a Startup Increased Its App Submissions by 400% in 4 Months!“) – expect much more of this to come!


We’re very excited for this next stage of growth – having moved here just in time to officially launch! (today, June 9th) and to now start penning the next chapter of our story.


We welcome you to be our Co-Author!


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