The Crozdesk score is a 0 – 100 point scale linear rating system that shows how well an app on Crozdesk performs compared to others.

Crozdesk score example
The new Crozdesk score for PARiM Software

Why we have it

We at Crozdesk want to make your life as easy as possible when choosing the right web service for your purpose. We want you to be able to tell instantly if an app fits your requirements and what other users on the web think about it. Therefore the Crozdesk business development team and our intern Robin have been developing a way to help us rate the 500+ apps listed on our website: The Crozdesk score.

Our goal was to get the most important factors, the essence of an app if you will, into one number that is easily understood. To give you, the user, a better understanding of how each app ranks in comparison, their overall strengths and weaknesses and how well it fulfils its purpose.

How to read it

The Crozdesk score itself is a value ranging from 0 to 100 and is calculated for each app on a regular schedule. Each element of the score has a different base weight that is adjusted according to the relevant and available datasets we have.

The score itself is not based on a logarithmic scale – so that each app is scored against the same criteria and has the same chance of getting a good rating. This differs from what many other online ranking systems do (like the Alexa ranking for example), but these try to reflect recent interest and best results for your search query rather than overall quality. However, some parts of the score are logarithmic based and are converted in the final algorithm to include the gradient of the logarithmic functions.

What it’s made of

User reviews are very important to us, because they are important to you. Accompanying that we look at the main domain authority, and the current social media trends for that particular app. The user reviews we use include reviews from our own platform, which we give a greater weight to, and an expert opinion from one member of our reviewing team. The expert judges each app based on several criteria that we have set up in a fixed rating scheme.

But you don’t have to take our word for it: We pull many other data sources from the web to judge not only the reviews for an app, but its relevancy on the web, how many people are talking about it, and the strength of other domains linking back to the app itself. Additionally our own user statistics and the conversion rate give us an idea of how well the packing fits the content.

How to influence the rating of your app

There are multiple factors that allow you to influence the score of the app you submitted, though not directly. We do not – and will never – accept payments of any kind for improving your ranking. However, you can do something if your rating is not what you want it to be. Here are three ways to improve your Crozdesk score:

To reward your online activity we are taking into account how often people post, tweet or share your app – so make good use of those social media channels available to you. Furthermore encouraging enthusiastic users to leave reviews on our platform will also increase your chances of ranking within the higher percentiles. Finally, a complete and professional profile displaying your key features and answers to the most common questions in the profiles FAQ-section can help our expert reviewers to get a better idea of what your app helps users accomplish and what it offers that makes it better than the competition.


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