We all know that location is important when buying a house – the mantra “location, location, location” is known to basically everyone, but how important is location when starting a cloud service or software business? To understand this question Crozdesk’s research team crunched some serious numbers and, keeping it Crozdesk, we pieced together an easily digestible infographic with the most important findings for you.

One thing you will notice right away is that the analysis largely comes down to the United States versus the Rest of the World. The US is home to over 60% of all operating cloud companies and almost 90% of global sector funding.

Most of Europe’s capitals – London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Oslo – are showing increased interest in the SaaS, cloud and software markets. European startup ecosystems, however, are seriously underfunded – which may be why we see so many European companies hopping across the Atlantic.

This drastic difference in funding availability and resulting growth speed is underscored in the Top 25 SaaS and Cloud Startup Ecosystem Ranking we published not too long ago. But, you’ll find a summary of this in the infographic below as well.

For all the details and insights you can download the SaaS and Cloud Startup Report 2018 for free on Crozdesk or embed this graphic on your site with the code below.

Infographic with funding and growth data analysis of cloud startups around the world
Excerpt from the ‘SaaS and Cloud Startup Report 2018’

Embed this Infographic on your website:

<a href="https://blog.crozdesk.com/top-startup-locations-cloud-software/" target="_blank" title="Top Startup Locations for Cloud and Software 2018">
<img src="https://static-blog.crozdesk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/18165911/cloud-startup-infographic%402x1.png" style="max-width:100%" />
<p>Download the full report here: <a href="https://crozdesk.com/software-research/saas-and-cloud-startup-report-2018" target="_blank">SaaS and Cloud Startup Report 2018</a></p>

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