Finding a single lead generation and outreach tool can be difficult, especially one which your sales team actually enjoys using, and doesn’t require a PhD to setup. KiteDesk could be the answer. The KiteDesk suite includes two products that combine the most crucial aspects of any sales and lead generation function; prospecting and outreach, in an attractive and easy-to-use UI.

KiteDesk FIND + FLOW

KiteDesk - smarter sales prospecting
KiteDesk – The go-to sales and prospecting tool

KiteDesk offers a 7 day free trial of its FIND lead prospecting tool. When logging into FIND for the first time, it’s overly simple UI belies the powerful features under the hood. Users are presented with a number of different search functions to allow them to build an active sales list. Searching by company, users can filter by location (state by state in the US or Canada, or by country for the UK and Australia), industry, even revenue and employee size – which makes it really easy to hone down on target organizations and discover new ones.

Company search

KiteDesk FIND search functionality
Users can search companies by location, size and industry – KiteDesk

KiteDesk FIND presents basic organization information such as location and office address, website and where discovered, a link to their main phone number – more on this later. Finding the company is only the first stage however, as the crucial part comes when users choose organizations then select to ‘find people’.

Lead prospecting

People search functionality in KiteDesk FIND
KiteDesk users select companies to search for people records

KiteDesk FIND then pulls through the selected companies to pre-fill their ‘Find People’ tab. Users can then filter by other criteria such as seniority, department, keyword and available information (email or phone) before clicking search to present it’s findings.

Lead records are presented in a list which includes job title, available information such as phone and email, and even social links. The user can then select records and save to a prospect list or even direct export to csv. Usefully KiteDesk FIND also offers an upload function where the user can upload a csv file of prospect records and the system populates the records with contact data where possible – filling the blanks in a part complete data list.

Sales outreach

KiteDesk prospect user record display
Prospect record card displaying contact information – KiteDesk

The prospect list tab pulls together all the selected leads into a single view and brings the KiteDesk FLOW outreach functionality to the fore. Clicking on a record opens a CRM-style view of the prospect record with all their contact data in once place, as well as click-to-call links on phone numbers (this uses KiteDesk’s powerful call feature which allows for call recording and dial from dashboard functionality) and trackable email send features which directly integrates to user’s email accounts. The prospect record also tracks this outreach activity, allows assigned follow up tasks and reminders, which are also pulled through into a user-specific to-do list tab, which ensures no lead is forgotten.


KiteDesk pricing plans
Simple pricing structure for KiteDesk FIND + FLOW

Pricing options are fairly straightforward, with FIND available as a stand-alone prospecting tool for $75 per seat per month – billed annually. This includes a certain number of leads which you can gather data for, CRM syncing and export. The combination package which includes FIND + FLOW adds the outreach functionality and task management all for $125 per seat per month, which makes it excellent value for money for a central single sales tool. Additional leads and other add-on packages can be bought seperately.

Vital stand-alone sales tool

Sales teams can search and create prospect lists, manage outreach and follow up, set reminders and tasks all from a single user dashboard – removing the difficulty of disparate systems and positively impacting sales results. With direct integrations to Office 365, Exchange and Google, as well as various CRMs including Salesforce, KiteDesk nicely complements a user’s existing stack. However, the combined complexity of function and simplicity of use makes KiteDesk FIND + FLOW a vital stand-alone sales tool.

To find out more about KiteDesk FIND + FLOW visit the Crozdesk KiteDesk listing.


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