These 3 trends are happening in tech finance now

    3 Trends in SME Business Finance

    The SME business funding scene is changing rapidly. Long gone are the days of waiting for a loan from your local bank branch. James Sinclair from Trade Finance Global has identified three trends in the SME finance scene over the past 12 months, which you can… read more

    Great HR Management Software

    Manage your Workforce with PARiM Software

    What do hospitals, toy factories and hotels have in common? This is not the start of a bad joke but an introduction to a useful management tool. The answer is: they all involve numerous staff, different rotas, and a generous collection of needs. Parim is… read more

    London & Berlin Rise in Startup Ecosystem Ranking

    These two European cities have made their way to the top ten in the 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking. 3 years after releasing their last report, Compass – a San Francisco-based company that provides reporting and benchmarking software to startups around the world, has launched… read more

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